Excuses as dangerous weapon of self-destruction

Posted by on January 29, 2016 in Motivation, Self Improvement | Comments Off on Excuses as dangerous weapon of self-destruction

Excuses are always followed by reasons of why you can’t do something.  “I can’t build my business, because I don’t feel like prospecting.  I can’t read this book, because I get a headache reading that much.  I can’t attend the seminar, because I don’t have a tine and it costs too much.”  When you make an excuse, you instantly plant a seed in your mind that you incapable of doing something.  This is personal self-destruction.  Every excuse destroys a little bit of belief in yourself and your ability to achieve your dream.

Without self-belief, there is no motivation to succeed.  That’s the main reason that I spend so much time immersing myself in personal self-development in the morning before I start my day.  Success and motivation is the first thing I hear and see in the morning and the last thing that I allow to go into my spirit as I drift off to sleep.  Why am I so disciplined?  Because I know that I could never overcome the adversity that I face daily if I didn’t continually reinforce my belief in myself and my dreams.  More importantly, I would not be confident in the decisions that I make without that belief.

When you start to question your abilities, you further put off making the decision, which is better known as procrastination.  Now, I don’t always agree with what the so-called experts say, but this is a point that I agree with 100%.  It’s like a breath of fresh air when you push the decision aside and stop letting it worry you for a while. Imagine if you have a beautiful car parked in your garage, excuses would be all the issues that you have with you thought was the best type of garage door opener, it just won’t work and you are not able to take the car out. However, procrastination is just a temporary fix.  It’s much more stressful to just let the decision hang over your head and possibly get more difficult as time goes by.  Like I said before, simply not making a decision is irresponsible.  Procrastination will also make you lazy.  Do you really want to be known as lazy and irresponsible?


Understand that you have the right to live your dream, but you have to crawl out from under the pile of excuses that have built up and make a decision to change.  Inside the word challenge is change.  You have to be willing to change the way you handle challenging decisions.  You can’t just remain where you are forever.  Remember, decision plus action equals results.  Take a look at your results. Are you completely satisfied with your success level in every area of your life?  Reread that question.  I said “completely satisfied”.  I did not say comfortable or complacent.  To be completely satisfied means that you have achieved every level of success that you can possibly achieve in that area of your life.  Personally, I don’t know anyone like that.